Staging Cheat Sheet

Preparing your home to get the best price possible and for a quicker sale:

Disconnect and think of this as a transaction

• Commit to the process

• Get help - call us early and we will help with everything

• Packing starts now - Go to Lowes and pick up moving boxes and tape to start

• Fix it - Call to help with fixes around the house that haven't been tended to

• Profile - don't let buyers profile you, politically, religiously etc.. otherwise pack it

• Photo rules - No wall of family photos. We want them picturing themselves in the house not who lives there

• Declutter - Rule of 2 and 3's to a surface. Put away small collectibles

• Lighting - Make sure all lights have working bulbs, update lighting

• Modernize -  a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Think warm and neutral

• Outsource help 


Did you know...

According to 3500 homes surveyed, people that spend 1-3% of their home value on home staging and upgrades will typically get you a 10% return on the sale.


Courtesy of Staging North Shore and the Gourguechon & Doll Team.